Investing in rental property can ensure a stable income source. However, a good return on investment depends on the type of tenants you get for your rentals. Good tenants can ensure reasonable profits, while the wrong renters can lead to significant losses for landlords. For this reason, tenant screening is more critical than ever for any property owner or manager. Knowing the signs of a bad tenant can make a difference in ensuring you select good tenants and guarantee a profitable investment. This guide highlights the top red flags of a risky tenant when screening rental applications.

Poor Credit Score

A potential tenant with bad credit is among the most common red flags when renting an apartment. A poor credit rating is a sign that an aspiring tenant cannot keep up with their monthly payments. Seek tenants with a minimum credit score of 640 points or more to avoid issues down the line.

Criminal History

Renting a house to a tenant with a criminal history is the last thing you want in your rental business. Renters with a criminal history are unlikely to pay on time and might compromise your safety. Besides, they might go missing without paying their dues.

Inadequate Landlord References

When dealing with rental applications, request that the aspiring tenant provide references from previous landlords. Applicants with inadequate or no landlord references might be signs of a bad tenant. A quality tenant will have sufficient and verifiable reviews from former landlords.

Incomplete Rental Application

Ensure all applicants complete the rental application form during the screening process. Any incomplete form is a red flag for a potentially risky tenant. The renter might have a bad credit score, criminal history, or other issues that can cost you down the line.

Numerous Forceful Evictions

Numerous evictions are other tenant red flags to consider when screening potential renters. Applicants with forceful evictions can cost you time and money, leading to significant losses. After all, such renters do not care about creating lasting relationships with property owners.

Half or No Deposits

A quality tenant will pay the entire deposit before moving into your rental apartment. If the renter fails to pay the deposit or asks to pay half the amount, think twice before letting them into your building to avoid the consequences.

Enlist Quality Tenant Screening Services

Background checks are critical when searching for quality tenants for your rental property. Enforcer Pros offers professional tenant screening services for landlords and property managers. Contact us today for reliable tenant screening services in Florida and beyond, and let us get you quality tenants for a successful investment.

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