Homeowner Associations (HOAs) must have a manager who takes charge of dealing with violations, which is the most important duty. Homeowners who are members of an HOA are your clients as the manager, and they depend on you to keep their community safe and peaceful. Dealing with HOA violations is unenjoyable, and you, as the manager, should know how to handle HOA violations and enforce community rules in the best ways possible.

The methods below outline how to handle HOA violations.

1. Provide Clear HOA Rules for Everyone

One way of resolving HOA violations is to ensure that all rules are clear for all residents. When the rules are clear, the residents understand and have no excuse for violating any of them. Many HOA violations are a direct result of sheer innocence. For example, some violate landscaping rules, occupy another person’s guest parking, and bypass other community guidelines because the rules concerning these aspects are unclear.

2. Use Warnings More Than Punishment

There are a variety of rules that govern HOA, and these rules are supposed to create a peaceful community. Naturally, violators of these rules are essentially disrupting the peace of the entire community, and they deserve some consequences. However, not all violators should be punished, as some violations might require only warnings. If a homeowner violates community pool regulations, it would be best to issue a warning to the violator and ensure that they understand why their actions violated community rules. If the violator breaks the rules a second time, you then issue them with a written warning.

3. Reduce a Resident’s Access to Community Privileges

Sometimes, verbal and written warnings used to handle HOA violations may fail to ensure peaceful coexistence among community members. When that happens, it might be advisable to revoke a violator’s access to community privileges and shared spaces.

4. Use Monetary Citations

As the HOA manager, you have a wide range of ways to fight HOA violations. If you have tried all types of warnings and you have given the three strikes, it might be time to use monetary citations. Still, you should work with the HOA board to decide on the fee to be paid for a certain type of violation.

We Can Help You Enforce HOA Rules and Handle Violations

HOA rules are designed to provide structure and peaceful coexistence in a community of homeowners. The methods outlined above can give you the best results. Still, our experts at Enforcer Pros are ready to help you with covenant enforcement in Georgia.