Homeowners associations (HOAs) typically have rules and regulations that safeguard the community’s best interest. The HOA board of directors plays a critical role in enforcing these rules and ensuring that all members adhere to them. While HOAs have overarching powers, specific rules remain unenforceable. Understanding the different types of unenforceable HOA rules can help property owners protect their legal rights and prevent HOAs from overstepping their mandate. This guide explains what you need to know about unenforceable HOA rules in Florida.

What Are Unenforceable HOA Rules?

Unenforceable HOA rules are any regulations and guidelines that violate federal or state laws. They are rules that go against the legal rights of homeowners living within an HOA community. Some rules might be valid, but an HOA cannot legally enforce them if they infringe on the rights of other community members.

Types of Unenforceable HOA Rules

While HOAs create and enforce various rules in their communities, some HOA regulations are unenforceable in Florida. These include the following:

Discriminatory Regulations

Any regulations that discriminate against homeowners based on race, religion, color, sex, national origin, or disability cannot be enforced by HOAs. This helps to ensure fair and equal treatment.

Rules That Contravene the Constitution

HOAs cannot enforce any rules or regulations that contravene the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution provides for freedom of speech, political affiliation, and religious freedom, among others.

Enactment of Rules With a Majority Vote

Before an HOA can enact any new rule, it must go through proper procedures, including a vote. If the new regulation does not receive a unanimous vote, it becomes unenforceable.

Prohibiting Certain Plants

Prohibiting certain plants or trees is another example of an unenforceable HOA rule in Florida. State statutes prevent associations from restricting homeowners from planting certain plants on their properties.

Banning Clotheslines

Florida is among the few states that have the right to dry law. This law prevents HOAs from enforcing rules banning clotheslines.

Prohibiting Charging Stations

Homeowners associations in Florida cannot prohibit members from installing charging stations on their properties. However, some aesthetic regulations may apply.

Prohibiting the Display of the American Flag

As a proud and patriotic citizen, you may want to display the American flag on your property. Unenforceable HOA rules in Florida prevent associations from prohibiting the display of the U.S. flag.

Review Your Governing Documents for Unenforceable HOA Rules

Some HOAs may overstep their authority and enact rules that violate your legal rights. Reviewing the community’s rules and regulations can help members identify unenforceable HOA rules and raise a dispute. The team at Enforce Pros can help inspect your community’s governing documents to pinpoint unenforceable HOA rules, allowing the board to make the necessary adjustments. We also offer other services, including covenant enforcement, site inspections, and HOA rental restrictions in Florida. Contact us today for assistance and to learn more about our services.

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