Homeowners residing in HOAs must comply with various architectural rules and regulations. These guidelines might seem stringent, but they are in the community’s best interests. For instance, you cannot construct a structure that contravenes the HOA’s planning regulations. Even if you are a property owner, you cannot do anything that degrades the uniformity and exterior appearance of other properties. Whether you want to renovate or modify your home to meet your style and preferences, you need approval from the HOA’s architectural control committee. This guide explains what an HOA architectural control committee does.

What Is an HOA Architectural Committee?

An HOA architectural committee is a group of elected officials within an HOA that reviews structural modifications within the community. If you reside in an HOA, you probably know that most, if not all, homes in the neighborhood have a uniform look and curb appeal. HOAs usually have an architectural committee that oversees development requests from property owners in the neighborhood. If you want to build a swimming pool, change the color of your walls, or add a fence to your property, you may have to submit a modification request to your HOA’s architectural committee for approval.

What Does an HOA Architectural Control Committee Do?

The architectural control committee’s primary role is to ensure all property owners adhere to architectural guidelines specified in the HOA’s governing documents. If you want to modify or renovate the exterior of your home, the changes must comply with the defined regulations. In any case, homeowners associations are planned developments that focus on uniformity, explaining why most properties in these communities look similar.

Other roles of an HOA architecture control committee include the following:

  • Evaluating architectural guidelines against governing documents
  • Reviewing, approving, or denying architectural modification requests
  • Informing members of the application process for architectural changes
  • Overseeing structural designs, placements, and requirements
  • Checking plumbing designs, interior flooring changes, and satellite dish placements
  • Monitoring alterations or modifications to landscaping specifications
  • Checking violations of architectural guidelines
  • Making architectural recommendations to the HOA’s board of directors

Enlist Professional Architectural Control Services

Proper architectural control ensures the compliance and integrity of your community’s property values. However, setting up an HOA architectural control committee can be an unnecessary burden for HOA members. Fortunately, Enforcer Pros have the experience and expertise to help ensure compliance. We are your reliable partners in architectural control services. Contact us for HOA enforcement in Florida and the surrounding areas.

We understand that Covenant Enforcement is a tough job. We see people at their best and their worst, and still need to work diligently to get the job done.

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